Whether your trauma was caused by neglect, childhood beatings, molestation, a rape, a car accident, or the atrocities of war, memories of the trauma shape your life . . .

 Meridian Tapping breaks the emotional connection between the memory of the traumatic event and the way the brain processes it in memory.

 Whether it’s the anguish you felt when you were little and your older brother threw your teddy bear out the window. (In the eyes of a child this is no small thing and he probably bullied you in other ways too (the brat!) . . . 

 Whether it’s a cocktail of stressful events throughout your lifetime . . .

Here’s How PTSD Takes Shape

1.  We have a bad experience or trauma. (Sometimes only once. Sometimes repeated.)

2.  Our perception of the experience imprints the brain|body|mind with pictures, sounds, sensations and emotions such as fear.

3.  The brain continues to replay the negative memories and sensations. Whether or not we are aware of it. This is how we keep the past alive.

4.  When triggered, sometimes by an apparently unrelated event, we relive the original stress. And we relive it as though it were occurring in the present.

5.  Stress is the body’s reaction to perception. Keeping the past alive creates PTSD.

“When I contacted Mia I was in a bubble of confusion and hurt. Mia helped me to realize what I thought was suppressed anger, was actually a trauma I had encountered as a teenager. The session was so effective for releasing this bottled up pain that I allowed to control my entire life. It was very transformational. Now when I recall the memory, my emotions are very calm. My thinking is now clear again, and I have a resounding sense of relief and calm, I just feel better!!”  

~ Victoria J. Romero (June 2016)

“I first worked with Mia in May 2009 on issues from my childhood and immediately felt so much ‘lighter.’ All I could say was WOW! The work we did took away both the emotional pain and the power of the perpetrator from my life. Overnight, my physical symptoms vanished, and my concentration improved. I enjoyed working with Mia, and I’m still LOVING the results!” 

~ Sheila M. Stevenson, Author, “HOPE for Survivors of Childhood Abuse –  A Healing Journey Towards a Fulfilling Life.

“If you are willing to put your skepticism aside and go into the deep dark corners of your soul, tapping will truly transform your life. I highly recommend working with Mia Doucet. She has awoken an empowerment within me to create a life I only dreamed possible.” 

~ Jane Rusciolelli, Educator

So What’s The Cure?

♥  You may not need that drug. **** Your body is sending you a signal.

  It isn’t that there is anything wrong with you. Your brain is creating and recreating patterns from your past. All we have to do is dissolve them.

 And then we re-imprint with a positive, happy memory.

“This really is the work Mia is meant to do. When she is working with me, she is so clear. She has joy. She emanates an energy of competence and confidence in the person that “you’re going to be fine.” As a healer myself, I thought, how do I talk about this with a friend? I felt understood instantly and was able to talk about the problem. I’ve watched her work with others. She makes an instant connection with their personality. So she’s able to go deep really fast.

Mia has the ability to be serious and fun at the same time. She validates women and she does it with humor. Because of the shifts I had with meridian tapping, I was, after 30 years, finally able to do what was needed to move forward into good physical and emotional health.”

~ Jane Girouard, Founder, Advanced Energetics Therapy

**** Now, if you are being treated for trauma with drugs, you’re not going to stop medicating yourself. You stay under a doctor’s care until your symptoms are gone. That just makes sense. Right? That’s what my clients do.