You are an intelligent, gifted professional who wants to feel in control of your personal and work life again. In the eyes of other people you may be successful but you are not kidding yourself about your internal state. You feel that something is missing in your life and are not quite sure what it is or what to do about it.

Whether you are facing a major life obstacle such as a failed or failing marriage, broken relationship or other poignant loss . . . whether it’s a grief that has not healed itself . . . whether it’s a hidden addiction, anger, sadness . . . whatever it is, you feel there is a disconnect between your success and your level of satisfaction and happiness with your life. You may even have started to wonder, “Is that all there is?”

You are looking for an alternative solution for your stress because you can’t risk the effect of stress meds that will dull your ability to make clear, concise decisions. You require complete confidentiality.

Together, we will create more fun, peace and happiness in your life. Call it a transformation . . . or a complete life overhaul.

”As a practitioner, Mia is tenacious, focused, experienced, sensitive yet direct, and intelligent. Her business background clearly shows up as a results-focused approach . . . all reasons which made me want to work with her.”

~ S. Radia

When I came to you I felt void of emotion and passion, like I was hollow. Our first five sessions changed the trajectory of my life. Tapping reopened my soul by quickly clearing out old wounds that I had carried with me for the majority of my life. I find I’m so much more of me now, much more honest, much more comfortable in my own skin. I don’t hate myself for things that weren’t my fault. I can talk about stuff like I was raped when I was seven without falling apart. I used to beat myself up for so many life choices I viewed as poor.  I’ve been able to clear those feelings through Tapping and recognize the past for what it is – the PAST. Living in the present, I can be anything and everything I want to be—other than a singer, because all the lessons and tapping in the world would not put me on The Voice!”

~ Heather White, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing

“I’m a believer! It’s been transformational. Eight years of talk therapy got me nowhere except it was a good place to complain. Your style is great toward getting to the issues and getting them resolved. Childhood traumas and negativity that have been hanging over me for my whole life are gone. The anger is gone. This is the most peaceful my life has ever been. I feel good. I feel free, for the first time ever. I’m a different person. I finally value myself. The track I was on was killing me but now I have the confidence to finally step back and make positive changes in my life. Because I matter.”

~ Kim Petry, Chief Financial Officer

“My life has turned around 180 degrees. When I first contacted Mia my energy was down to my ankles. She helped uncover the source of negative emotions that have been troubling me throughout my life. Their release has been transformative both emotionally and physically.

“Mia’s caring, non-judgmental guidance has been profoundly healing. The work we accomplished together was done in a thoughtful, compassionate way that was at times delightfully sprinkled with humor.

“The tapping sessions have proven valuable in helping me to move toward optimal health and greater happiness.”

~ Paula Brooks-Lounsbury

“I contacted Mia because I had tried everything I could think of to overcome my health issues, which included my emotional state. I was feeling anxious, overwhelmed, depleted, trapped, imploded and I wanted to get back to feeling energized and confident. I was really in a negative zone and didn’t know how to break free of it. I had been reading everything I could get my hands on regarding The Law of Attraction. Nothing was working. I could tap for an hour and not feel a release.

“From the first, Mia seemed to be putting it all together like no therapist in my life has done. Overall, I am now more positive, more optimistic that I’m going to be able to get where I want to go. I’m more balanced. More confident. It’s not instant gratification but I feel it’s more lasting. I wouldn’t trust it if we solved everything in one day.”

~ L. Johnstone

“Mia is a kind, loving and generous soul.  After one conversation, I knew I wanted to work with her over other EFT practitioners.  Working with Mia helped start me on a path of true healing during one of the toughest years of my life.  I had hit rock bottom and not only was I able to stand back up, but within a very short period of time, was able to experience joy, love and peace on a daily basis and continue to do so as I continue to heal belief systems that no longer serve me.  To me, EFT is a miraculous tool for healing.”

~ Lisa Bruchac, Life Coach

“Even after our first session, I was in awe as to the transformation I was seeing in such a short period of time. The food and weight were symptomatic of what was happening at a much deeper level.

“There was an energetic shift. I just felt a lot more calm and grounded. I felt more conscious, aware and at choice. I had this incredible feeling of empowerment. Of being in charge. Of “coming home to me.” I had broken the pattern of eating when overwhelmed by stress and was not even tempted to go the comfort food route. 

“Some of the things we cleared are things I had been working on forever. It’s being free. It’s like a chipping away . . . getting to all the deeper levels of all the underlying crap. If only I had known it could be this easy.”

~ Janet Christensen, President and CIO, Dynamic Awareness Inc.

“When I initially contacted Mia I was interested in transforming my life and was looking for a practitioner who could help in various areas (finances, business, relationships, weight loss, fibromyalgia pain, lack of confidence, failures, unresolved grief etc.). Nothing was going right. I was stuck and just spinning my wheels. That is in the past. Today, I feel such a freedom from these issues. I am able to move forward and to take action. The things I’m attracting into my life are amazing . . . gifts, finances, people, and business opportunities. My life has transformed.”

~ Tereza Kumric

 “You’re like a psychiatrist. I can chill with you. I value your opinion because you’re not all f*****d up. I always sense that you’re totally present. You give good advice.”

~ M. J. [obviously a young male client!]

“I’m doing great.  (It) was the best thing ever for my life.  I’m still human and deal with emotions but I’m kicking absolute ass compared to where I was at a year and a half ago.”

~ D.K. [obviously another young male client!!]

“I am happy to say that I am more at peace, more hopeful and more secure than before our session.”

~ Greg Tal

“Again I thank you for your assistance in my path to becoming all that I can be. I’m grateful for Faster EFT results. I feel in charge of my reality as opposed to reacting to it. My heart just feels lighter and I feel in the present moment. I’m excited. Others have noticed the changes in me as well.”

~ Danielle Frechette

“If you are willing to put your skepticism aside and go into the deep dark corners of your soul, tapping will truly transform your life. I highly recommend working with Mia Doucet. She has awoken an empowerment within me to create a life I only dreamed possible.”

~ Jane Rusciolelli

“The American Institute of Health estimates that stress has a $300 billion cost, exacted in the form of turnover, compensation, insurance, medical expenses, and reduced productivity. Increased incidences of mental health conditions, particularly anxiety and depression, are being linked to work and money-related stress.”

~ Krueger, David; Mann, John David, The Secret Language of Money: How to Make Smarter Financial Decisions and Live a Richer Life. McGraw-Hill Education. Kindle Edition.

“My focus is not to manage stress but to help you overhaul your life and create a whole new blueprint for happiness by eliminating the underlying patterns and mental constructs that traditional psychotherapy seems to not address.”

~ Mia Doucet