Grief and Loss


When the pain in your heart won’t go away, there is a solution.  Even when it’s the inexpressible grief at the loss of a child, parent, job or relationship. You need to know that there is hope. It is never too late for your heart to mend.

Transformation is a word that is a bit overused these days. But if a mother resolves a 17-year-long grief at the loss of a child, if a woman clears up a life theme of abandonment after 35 years of therapy, and another overcomes a lifetime accumulation of stress . . .  would you agree that’s transformation?

You can achieve the same results. That’s what’s possible with Meridian Tapping.


“I’m always skeptical and tapping on my own wasn’t working for me. But the thousands of dollars I have spent on therapy in the past 35 years haven’t given me the relief of the two hours I spent with Mia. Ten days after my session, I really believe I am healed. The old grief from my first husband’s death is gone. I am so grateful to Mia. She has truly helped me in many ways I never thought would be possible on this side of heaven.”

~ Heather Montgomery

“You’re an angel. I can’t express how grateful I feel.  I thank God every day that you came into my life at the right time. It was such a relief, such a blessing, that you gave me the tools to help me through my grief over my son’s wrongful death.”

~ Carlene Spann

“Mia made a significant difference in my life in helping me come to grips with my son Danny’s death 17 years ago. I lost the anger and agitation I felt about doctors making mistakes and I am now at peace. I just can’t thank her enough for what she did. During the treatment, I felt I was in a hypnotic state. It was beautiful. That’s what I said to Mia. She is so gifted. This is what she is intended to do and I’m so glad that she’s chosen to do this work. And I absolutely know that she’s going to help so many other people. It’s awesome.”

~ Charlene Maginn, Professional Speaker

“My friend walked away from her session with you feeling 100% better. That’s why I wanted to work with you. I have been going to a therapist in one form or another for 35 years. And after all those years, the theme was still there—abandonment, you’re not there when I need you. I’ve been very calm since our session. Part of me now thinks . . . whatever . . . whatever happens, happens. I’m not dwelling on things. It opened up a Pandora’s Box to wanting to do more work with you.”

~ Carol Browning

“Since working with Mia, I feel that my mindset is clearer and not so focused on past issues. Things do not trigger the emotions to surface as often which is a good thing.

Negativity, feeling sorry for oneself, is the route to self destruction and sadness and loneliness and I try to stop the flow of these thoughts before they begin. I feel much more in control and peaceful. I thank Mia for the ability to enjoy myself and my life.”

~ Barb Hutton

“Before working with you two years ago, I thought I could do EFT on my own. But I was having a hard time letting go of what had happened in a business relationship. I was bitter, hurt and angry at losing everything. I couldn’t get it out of my mind and couldn’t sleep at night. Even though I’m resilient, I was a wreck. Then we talked about other failed relationships. I saw that it was one more rejection. I am proud to say that EFT really did help. It was the turning point for me and my self-worth. I started building on that and fostering what you had done. There’s no more guilt, no more judging myself. Life is good.”

~ Connie Morrison

“Before working with Mia, I was knotted up and in crisis. My life was filled with conflict, overwhelm, perfectionism, passive aggression, feelings of helplessness and enormous fatigue. Through EFT we got to the core and addressed the unfinished work of childhood. I found my energy again and my passion has come back. My work with Mia has been so effective that those lifelong problems and issues now come back to me more like a recollected dream. They have lost all power.”

~ Karen McRorie

“It was a great experience.  It certainly was part of my journey to reach the point in spirituality that I have reached. A big thank you.”

~ Josée Lemay

“You’re passionate about your work and it shows! Your sessions have given me calmness and clarity. I’m better focused. It’s remarkable to me how it works. (I just don’t know how you do this!!) Things that were bothering me just don’t any more. It’s like the background static has been removed from my life. I’m sleeping through the night. I haven’t slept like this in years. Emotionally, I just feel healthier, more balanced, and I can control my responses and reactions. I’m grateful that I have the ability to make choices now.”

~ Marie Gunning

“I had my first session with MIA today and felt really good about what we covered and what came out during the session! IT was bang on! Although I felt tired after from crying and releasing hurts and pain I feel a new sense of acceptance of myself. MIA invited me back to my 5 year old self and I started to integrate and embrace her/myself rather than abandoning her/myself. This is the beginning of a new path of trusting and truly loving myself! I can be COMFORTABLE in my own skin and welcome myself back “home” again! All of this came out of the deep pain and guilt I’d carried from abandoning my sons (and their father) when they were young. The guilt and sense of helplessness are replaced with acceptance and hope. Mia stayed with me the whole way and she genuinely LOVES helping people get free. I’m so thankful for Faster EFT, which I’d just discovered a couple months ago, and I will continue using it in keeping myself free…because I AM.”

“I also feel honored and very grateful . . .!!! Faster EFT is so amazing.”

~ Margie Austman

“Working through issues of sadness from my childhood, I felt very understood and supported by Mia and would recommend her to handle the most delicate of clients and problems. In group sessions, I have seen her work patiently with others on a variety of feelings, circumstances and even severe abuse with gentleness, grace, loyalty and profound understanding. I have seen her clients transform; losing powerful addictions right before our eyes.”

~ Amelia Does

“I am feeling very positive, Mia. It’s amazing. Before we worked together I was angry, bitter, and battling feelings of betrayal and abandonment. There was so much stress in my life, I was just coping. Our sessions were very liberating. And I’m sure it’s why I’m in such good shape now. You can’t be carrying all that stuff and move forward in your life. I’ve stopped the injustices in my life.”

~ Marie (full name withheld on request)

“After our first session I turned from sad and hurt and bitter to excited, energized and clear. Simple clarity. It opened my eyes. I feel like a new person.”

~ Mark R.


~ Carol Blomquist