7 Major Differences between Official EFT and FasterEFT


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Readers Comments [Unsolicited]

“This is a huge body of work and you did an awesome job. How you organized and sequenced a large and difficult topic is brilliant.”

~ Eric B. Robins, MD Urologist and Surgeon

“As a new FasterEFT practitioner I needed a detailed explanation of the differences between EFT and FasterEFT. Your article explained the differences with such clarity that I was able to find answers to my questions and more.

I was so pleased with the information – most strikingly with the ‘end notes’ and your genuine comments – that I decided to ask permission to translate the article into Turkish first for myself and then for ‘future’ Turkish FasterEFT practitioners. Thank you for that permission.”

~ Esin Akan (Turkey)

“Thank you so much for your exquisite article on differences between EFT and FasterEFT. As a FasterEFT Level III Practitioner I had some struggles explaining the discrepancies between both modalities myself. Now I have a great tool to apply! Awesome.

“I would like to ask you for permission to use this article for my website and translate it into German – of course giving you the credits you demand and that you truly deserve. I will send you a preliminary version for your release if you like.”

Annette Nathanielsz (Germany)

“Hi, Mia. I just read your article on the 7 Major Differences between Official EFT and FasterEFT, and it is fabulous! so well-written. I am studying Level II F-EFT having used EFT and TFT over the past 20 years personally and professionally. What a gift to find F-EFT. Looking forward to connecting on FB! Thanks so much.”

~ Sheilah M. Wilson

“It´s thanks to you and your report “7 Major Differences Between EFT and FasterEFT” that I discovered Faster EFT and decided to become a certified practitioner. It was very well written and informative, thank you!”

~ Susanne Nilsjö

“ Here is a great article by The Tapping Hub’s very own Mia Doucet 😉 It highlights the differences between EFT and FasterEFT in a beautiful and articulate way – honoring both approaches while clearly showing why she prefers one to the other.

Both techniques are wonderful platforms upon which many new thoughts and innovative techniques are emerging and evolving from. We are lucky to have many of those forward thinkers and creators here in this group! ♥ “

~ Diana Kottle, Licensed Psychotherapist, Private Clinical Practice

“Great article…so clearly written. Thank you!!”

~ Melanie Thomas Coughlin, Adjunct Professor, Pepperdine University, Graduate School of Education & Psychology; Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Private Clinical Practice

“Wow Mia, It is a wonderfully written paper. I bought Rob Smith’s smoking cessation video and it blew me away and have been using the techniques in my own way ever since. I agree with everything in the paper and will read it again to really absorb it. Thanks for sharing.”

~ Sharon Hall, Sharon Hall Hypnotherapy

“Hello Mia , I have just read your article on the differences between feft and eft and I am prompted to write and thank you for such a clarifying piece of work . I look forward to learning more from you. In the meantime here’s to much healing – ourselves first and then shining the light of awareness in our world. Peace always, Deirdre.”

~ Deirdre Maguire, FasterEFT Master

“What a delight to have come across this comparison between EFT and FasterEFT. As a lay person it is not easy to understand the difference between the two methods. Mia did a fantastic job explaining them and pointing out where they differ. As she says neither is better, they are just different. I suggest you give both a try and then decide on the one you resonate more with.”

~ Marlies Cohen,

“I came across your article ‘7 Major Differences’ on Robert’s FasterEFT site and loved it. I am a Level 2 practitioner and was wondering if I could quote and reference you in an e-book I am writing. . . . your article clarifies for me what has been a little nebulous and tricky to grasp. So thanks a lot for the article and I hope you’re OK with me quoting you.”

~ Sue Girdler

“Greetings Mia, I am setting up my own FEFT business and came across your article . . .  and just about to submit my documentation and fees in order to receive my level 4 certification. I found your article very  well written and easy going, and would love to use it on my new website as a reference with your permission of course. Please let me know if I am allowed to use it. Thank You, George”

~ George Tsanis

“Mia, I just read “Differences FasterEFT vs. EFT” article. It’s literally the best article I’ve ever read on the subject without taking sides or injecting judgements. Thanks, Randall”