Of course, you can expect full confidentiality. That’s a given. The testimonials you read here represent a fraction of the people I work with, many of whom require the utmost discretion because of their professional positions. Every testimonial you see on these pages was published with my client’s full knowledge and permission.

“You offer your clients understanding without judgment. You have more compassion, empathy and depth available to you than (big name in the field of energy psychology) that I have worked with. And you never let your own story interfere with your work with clients.”
~ A Fortune 100 CEO client who is okay with being quoted but prefers not to be named

“It’s been a real pleasure. I really, really appreciate your work. We moved some deep, old, interesting stuff today and I’m pleased you were there for me.”

~ Robin Smith, FasterEFT Practitioner, Level IV

“I had a 3 hour session with Mia Doucet, Monday and today. She changed my life, she also released a part of me to go where it wanted to go. We addressed, life, cancer, and children. I am totally a different person. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Thank you Mia, your sister in Feft.”

~ Sherri Uhl Stephens, FasterEFT Practitioner

“I found Mia to be very professional, caring and conscientious. Her dedication and encouragement have given me empowerment. FasterEFT has helped me enormously and I now have the confidence to go it alone with the new skills I have learned. Thank you Mia.”

~ Wendy Senior